Searchable Price List / Catalog

The Price list allows you to create an on-line catalog where your customers can search for products by...
keyword (ie: vanilla scented candles)
Categories that you create (ie: Scented Candls, Un-Scented Candles etc)
Product Name or Number (ie: Hint of Rose Mary)
You can ad up to 10 photos for each product
Automatic thumb nails
Product description
Add To Cart button for each product
You can also use the Price List as a product information sheet without using the shopping cart. This is useful for realtors or similar industries where you aren't selling on-line but you want to provide product information to your customers.

Upload photos
Up to 10 photos per product
Up to 500 (2000 with the WebMall) products
Add to cart buttons for every product
Create Categories
Search engine for your customers
Search by keyword or category
Automatic thumbnails allows your customers to see an enlarged version of your product
Use the Price List if you host your site here on some where else
and much more....

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