Lazy Man's Wood Refinishing

Many trailers, like this one have been abused and over time the natural wood gets dinged, scuffed and grimmy. In this section I'm going to talk about the "Lazy Mans Refinishing".

First, remove all the drawers and cabinet doors.

<< Before
With this method, you only need to sand the "Bad" areas.
<< After
I like to use my air file because it only sands in the direction of the grain. Use 180 grit.
You can see I've only sanded the areas that were the most worn out.
The doors and drawers got the most sanding as they are the most visible.
You don't need to remove the hinges unless they're in the way for sanding.
Finish with Penofin Penetrating Oil.
One or two coats of this amazing product with a brush and your cabinets will look like new. It is a penetrating oil that will penetrate existing finishes which eliminates sanding the entire trailer. It comes with different tints if you need to match the original stain. And it looks great.
The trailer went from being a deer hunters slaughter house to being a ski lodge. New hardware will make it look even better.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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