Repairing Warped Veneer

Many trailers, like this one have just the veneer of the wood that has been warped from water. This can be fixed in many cases without replacing the entire piece.

You'll need Elmers wood glue and a veterinary hypodermic needle. These are used for giving farm animals injections and can be purchased at farm suppliers.

You are going to inject the glue underneath the top layer of veneer. Simply insert the needle so that you can squirt the glue into the space caused by the warping.
Then using a hydraulic jack or spring loaded shower curtain rods... .
You're going to apply pressure to the warped area. Using a piece of foam like carpet pad and a 2x2, apply pressure with your jack. The foam helps smooth out the area and the pressure causes it to lay flat. Let dry 24 hours.
This isn't my best work but as you can see, it looks a lot better than it did without replacing the entire ceiling. See Colorizing Mold Stains for information on finishing the wood.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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