Cabinet Repair

Some duffus decided to install a stereo in this cabinet and forgot to think before he started. So, I'm going to modify it and make it better. First I'm going to cut out the hole I want in the cabinet. It has to be below the gas light, inside the frame on the bottom and the sides. A measuring tape, ruler and a pencil is used.
Next I take my jig saw and cut out the hole.
I now need to fill the holes where the speakers were. I draw a square around it and cut out the square.
Now with a square hole, I can cut a piece of paneling to fit the hole. I attach a 1x2 behind with 1" grabbers and attach my filler panel to the 1x2.
Next I fill the cracks with bondo. Many people will try to save time and money by using sheet rock mud but it will only crack.
While that's drying, I route the edges for a super clean cut around the existing frame.
After the bondo was dried and sanded with 180 grit, I put a primer on it. You can skip the primer, but it will allow the top coat to cover easier.
After it's painted, it looks like it was made that way.
I put a 1/2" screen molding, painted white around the edges and the trailer now has an extra shelf and storage. They should've made it this way.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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