Colorizing Mold / Water Stains

There is no quick way to fix mold from water damage. The mold is going to be present from the top layer to the bottom layer of the panel. You can sand it off but you'll have to sand all the way through the wood. Bleach doesn't work for the same reason.
In this section we're going to discuss Colorizing Mold Stains .
In the picture to the left, I've sanded off the top layer of mold and then I added a clear coat to the bottom part. You can see that the clear actually brings out the mold stains. The only way to fix this is to match paint to the the color of the wood color then cover that with a clear coat.

Testers makes an assortment of oil based paints in small jars available at your average model airplane shop. These paints work great. Buy the flat finish paints in the colors that are close to the finished wood color in your trailer. Then, as in this photo on the bottom, mix the paints to match the color. You can add white to make it lighter, you can mix as many colors as you need to make one color. You can also fill holes with a wood putty as shown. There isn't any rule for matching the color except to start with trial and error. Natural wood will be made up of several colors to create the grain.
First, sand off the area to be fixed.
Then, start by applying small amounts of your color with a brush.
Then, using a tissue or rag, smug the paint and rub it in. This will eliminate "hard" brush strokes allowing you to "Build Up" the color as needed.
The finished product can be almost perfect. On this trailer, I finished over the colors with a sanding sealer and the result almost matched the rest of the trailer so I left it that way.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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