Interior Paint

Many trailers, like this one have so much water damage that it wouldn't be worth fixing. However, a painted interior can be very nice. There are some tricks that can be used to fix the damage and have the paint come out very nice. These tricks are not inferior. Using bondo to fill holes is as solid as the original wood.

First you want to remove as much loose debis and paint with a putty knife that you can.

All the small cracks can be filled.
Mold should be dry and sanded off. Use bleach to kill it if necessary.
Next, you can begin filling holes and imperfections with Bondo. Take care not to build up the bondo too much to eliminate unnecessary sanding. You're better off putting on several coats to get it where you want it. If you need to put something in the hole to help fill it before you start with the bondo, you can use paper towels or duct tape.
After the entire interior is sanded smooth, apply a coat of oil base primer over the bondo. Brushes and rollers are fine for interiors.
And the finished product is better than new. Oil based satin finish paint is best for vintage trailers. The original paint or finish would have been oil so oil will stick to oil best. Trying to use a latex might work if you sand it really well but I believe oil is always better. A satin finish is better than gloss because it will help hide imperfections.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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