Replacing Glass
Many trailers have windows with frames like this. To replace the glass, first pop out the spring loaded trim pieces around the frame. Use a knife to pry them up being careful not to damage them.
Once they are out, you can clean them up with a 220 grit sand paper.
These pieces are thin pieces of aluminum that will wedge into the frame and with the spring loaded design, it will hold it tight even under the worst conditions.

After the wedges are removed, take out the old glass. It was originally sealed with a rubber gasket. It make take some work breaking it out. BE SURE TO WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. As in the photo, you might need to go to the inside and pry it out with a knife.

If the rubber seal is brken, you need to remove all of it. The glass needs to sit on a flat surface.
Once you have a good clean surface, insert your new glass and caulk it. Do not use silicone. If you have to replace it again it'll take you years to get the silicone off. Use a latex caulk. If you don't caulk it, it will leak. Use double strength glass.
Now begin re-installing the wedges. You can staighten and expand the the wedge with a pair of flat blade plyers. You might need to expand the wedge to get it to fit tight.
Then just snap the wedges back into place.

Many trailers have windows like this. To replace the glass, you just disassemble the pieces on the back, insert new glass and reassemble. It's tedious because of the small screws. If the rubber seals are rotted you can remove them and seal the glass with caulk.

Many trailers have louvered windows like this. You first need to bend the little lip up on the end of the bracket. Be careful not to break it off.

Next, bend the support flange down so you're new glass will slide in.

Last, insert your glass and bend the end lip down to keep from sliding out and bend the support flange back up to hold the glass tight. Be careful not to break the glass. Use 3/16" glass. If you broke the end tip offf, you'll need to put silicone along the groove of the bracket to hold the window in. These windows weren't the best design and they aren't very forgiving. But, it's all you've got.


Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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