If you have a table or counter top with broken or chipped formica, it can easily be replaced. Many vintage trailers had vinyl flooring for counter tops, and it's just a good idea to replace it with formica because it looks so much better.


You need to start with a good solid piece of wood, at least 1/2" thick. I'm using a piece of 3/4" wood that the previous owner had cut for a table but never finished.


First cut your formica using tin snips, about 4" bigger than your finished product. Then coat the back of it and the table top with formica adhesive. Let dry 10 minutes. It needs to be tacky. Both pieces need the glue. There are many brands of glue available at hardware stores and they all work.

Prepare to connect the 2 pieces.
First, lay some separator sticks on the table top. The glue is very sticky and once the pieces are positioned, it's not going to move. You'll use thes sticks to keep the 2 pieces separated.


Next, lay your formica on the sticks, line the two pieces up with the formica extended past the edges of the top, and as you remove the sticks, press the two layers together.

Next, lay a rag on the top so you don't scratch it, and then walk all over it firmly pressing the two pieces together.

Next, insert your trim bit in your router. This is a bit that has a wheel on the tip with a blade above it. The wheel is going to ride on the wood edge and the blade will trim the formica perfectly along the edge of the wood.


Simply place the router on the table and begin cutting into the formica. When the wheel hits the wood, let it guide you around the top. Proceed in the direction of the blade.

This is very easy and it will take about 2 minutes to go around the top.

To re-install the aluminum trim use #8, 1/2", zinz, phillips head screws.

Form the soft aluminum to the edge adding screws as you go.

If it needs to be trimmed, just use your tin snips.

To install the base, center it on the table bottom, and using the same 1/2" screws just screw it in place. MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOUR SCREWS AREN'T GOING TO GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FORMICA.

Use 1-1/2" grabbers to install the bottom of the base.

And you're done.


Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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