Packing Bearings
First connect your trailer to your vehicle to keep it stable. Then jack up the tire. Make sure the jack is secure and won't slip.
Next remove the dust cap from the hub.
Then remove the cotter pin securing the hub nut.

Then remove the nut.

Clean your parts in gasoline as you go. CAUTION: GASOLINE IS FLAMABLE.
Next, pull the entire wheel and hub assembly off the axle.
The hub has inside and outside bearings. The inside is held in with a seal that is pressed into the hub. You'll need to pry it out with a tire iron lug wrench or similar tool.
It should pop right out
There will be a guide on the inside. Take it off and clean it in your gas.


Clean off the axle with a rag.


After cleaning your bearings in your gas, begin applying the bearing grease, available at auto parts stores.


Smear the grease into the crevasses rotating the bearing rollers as you go around. Do this for at least five minutes.

Insert the inner bearing and install your new seal, available at auto parts stores.

Use a wood block to pound it in. This applies pressure all the way across.

Gently tap until it slides in. Turning the block as you go.

Use the end to push it snug up against the bearing .

Then smear more grease on it .

Then begin re-assembly.
First put the guide on and
then put the wheel and hub on the axle.

Now insert the outer bearing and the washer.

Then the nut.
Tighten the nut until it's snug but not too tight. Over tightening will cause it to over heat.

Insert the cotter pin to hold the nut in place.
And finally the dust cap.


Pull your trailer a few miles and make sure the hub is not getting hot. If it is, loosen the nut a quarter of a turn.


Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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