After all the paint is applied you can begin re-assembly of the fixtures, lights and drip railing.
I replaced the broken door knob with a new one. These are available at RV supply stores.

Drip railing is the aluminum edging that goes around the edge of the trailer which acts as a rain gutter to let the water run off and it also holds the putty tape on which seals up the seams keeping it water tight.
Most rv repair shops will stock and sell drip railing, sometimes called J molding. You can also try online.

You simply un roll the putty tape and stick it directly over the seem around the edge.
Press it on with your fingers making sure it sticks to the trailer before you remove the wax paper covering.
I like to work with about 8 foot sections of drip rail. You don't have to worry about seeming the drip rail together as long as it fits snug. So, if you take an 8 foot length, and start on a top edge. You just want to start putting screws in it at one end, and as you move along, bend it to conform to the shape of the trailer. You want to use zinc plated screws to keep them from rusting. And they should be 1" to 1-1/4". If your trailer has had water damage and the framing is rotted, you can use a longer screw to help it grab but only if you need to.
The drip rail is made from aluminum so it bends fairly easy. As it's bent into place add another screw and just work your way around the trailer.
All the lights were replaced with new fixtures except for the license plate light. Lights can be purchased at trailer supply stores. Many cities have specialty stores that sell lights to truckers and they will have a large selection. The internet is also a good place to search.
I was able to clean and polish the rear trunk door.
I painted the hub caps the same color as the arrows.
I replaced the old tires with newer white walls.

Hope these tip's are helpful. They are offered without warrantee for entertainment purposes only.
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