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25 Plus Videos on the Restoration of this 1960 DeVille

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Here are some of the

vintage trailers we have for sale

1957 Rancho El Rae

57 Rancho-- The most unique vintage travel trailer ever made...
1975 Rancho El Rae

1975 Rancho El Rae Vintage Travel Trailer...
The Ultimate Vintage Travel Trailer Tail Light

The Ultimate Vintage Travel Trailer Tail Light. Get them HERE

The Complete Vintage Trailer Restoration Manual

We specialize in vintage travel trailer restorations. We take forgotten, dilapidated trailers that were once things of beauty and we bring them back to life.
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We rebuild them to your specs.
We build vintage trailers to last. It's our desire that a 50 year old trailer will give your family 50 more years of memories and you'll be able to keep one of our Vintage Travel Trailers in your family as long as the original owner enjoyed it. There's an an art and it's experienced labor that rebuilds a vintage trailer to last a life time. Water is it's biggest enemy. Aluminum doesn't leak. It's the seams that leak. Sealing up the seams is the most important part to the longevity of a vintage travel trailer. There are techniques that have been developed and perfected over the last 80 years that make trailers impervious the leaks. It's all in the preparation and application with extreme attention to detail. In addition to protecting your trailer, restoring it to it's original beauty is our number one goal and objective. Ussing the same materials and coatings as was used in the 40's or 50's is essential to creating the ambience of another era. They call us 'Trailer Trash' and that's ok!
Salt Lake City, Utah

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