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Use the fields on the Search Form to narrow your search. If you want the broadest possible search, leave all fields blank (although this may result in a lot of results).

Keywords: You can search for keywords in the site name or description. Just type in any words that decribe what you are looking for.

Exact Match: Exact match will find exactly what you type in. If you type "dog" and choose exact match you will find all entries with the word "dog" but not "hotdog"

Case Sensitive: If you choose case sensitive, and type in "dog" it won't find "Dog".

Category: This is a special search field used for narrowing a search. You may find what you are looking for in other categories, so use it to narrow your search.

Reverse Sort?: You can also have the script show results in reverse. For instance, if you choose to sort by last name, you can display the results from z to a by choosing reverse.

Results per page: Choose how many results are displayed on each results page. The default is 10 which is what we recommend. You can always navigate to more sets of 10 thereby reducing the chances of crashing your web browser.

Search Results: The search results gives you nice concise tables with all the key information on the entries your are searching for. You can then click on the "site name" to see the site.

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