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Description I built this trailer from scratch as I needed a trailer like this and nobody has ever built one like it. It's small and lite enough, I can go anywhere, I can tow it with my 6 cylinder, and the interior is so comfortable, It's like staying in a luxury hotel. The entire interior is all upholstered.

We go up to the hills, cook our chicken on the grill, make some coffee and pop in a DVD. Watch the movie in extreme comfort with heat or A/C. Open up the back doors and let the breeze blow through as we nap. The trailer is so small and easy to use, you can hook on and you're camping in minutes.

Rear barn doors allow you to take out the bed and it converts to a cargo trailer.

A registration is not required for this trailer in Utah, so I've never gotten a title. I can get one for and extra $50 if you need one.

Item # o8custom
Weight 1200
Tax 0 for items sent to UT
Category Sold
� A/C
� Catalytic heater
� Sink and 10 gallon gravity fed water tank.
� 700 watt inverter
� On board battery charger
� TV, DVD, Stereo
� Ice box
� Fresh bearing pack
� New style propane tank
� 7 pin wiring
� 2' ball
� Rear hitch for pulling your boat
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