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TrashDay would like to acknowledge the influence these artists have had on their music over the years.
Back when music was played over the public air waves based on listeners and not on corporate or 'mob' rule.
Jeff Beck- Creative with flawless tone.
Led Zeppelin- Pioneers of rock. A group of the most talented musicians ever formed.
Jimmy Page- God speed! This dude is loved by the whole world.
Black Sabbath- The original Spinal Tap.
Frank Zappa- (RIP) The mother of sincerity.
Robyn Ford- Taking 'blues' to a new level.
Stevie Ray Vaughn- Pretty cool. (but no jimmi)
Jimmi Hendrix- The greatest guitar player ever.
Les Claypool- Turning the bass in to an orchestra.
Tool- Satan Worshipers who, every time they make music they glorify God.. hmmm!
U2 and the Edge- This dude is a tone monster. Something that younger players should learn about.

There many other influences. Too many to mention.
TrashDay is a conglomeration of all these great bands and musicians that have blessed and shaped our lives and music.
Thank You...

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