Year: 1956
Make: Field & Stream
Length: 14-ft
Selling Price: $5600
Rating 1 to 10: 9
Notes: This is the ad that was on TCT:

Vintage 1956 Field and Stream travel trailer 14’6” over all length with a 12-foot box when measured in the beltline (center) This trailer has been completely disassembled and restored from the ground up. There is Absolutely no mold or dry rot in this little trailer. We have a few pictures to prove how rock solid and fresh all the wood is. All old nasty and water damaged wood has been removed and replaced with brand new, gorgeous real wood paneling that has been coated in Amber Shellac for that rich golden color. This small trailer is very practical for its size it has had a small bathroom (Porti-Potty) installed for camping comfort. And will sleep two easily. The Trailer is light weight and can easily be towed with a small vehicle I have towed it with my Nissan pick up that is only a four cylinder and it towed it with out any issues, my guess it the trailer weighs about 1300 pounds.

New paneling inside except ceiling because it didn’t need replacing
All new light fixtures that are metal and glass that look just like ones sold in the mid 1950’s
New Armstrong linoleum flooring tile through out trailer for a finished feel
New countertop and tabletop that match made from Formica
New Upholstery and new curtains that have a vintage feel but look great
Front, rear, and lower passenger side aluminum skin has been replaced
New putty tape (completely resealed) so there is no water leaks I can give you a water test if you like
new mid 1960’s vintage Sears porti-potty (never been used, taken out of original box and put in trailer)
all new 12 volt wiring with modern “flat four” plug
All new 110 volt wiring with breaker box and 2 circuits
New roof vent
New propane tanks with modern fitting for easy replacement
New globe for restored propane light
Oven is original that has been cleaned up and the white Repainted with appliance paint, it works like a champ
Repacked wheel Bearings
Refinished rims in ultra hard epoxy enamel paint to help resist chipping
Fresh enamel paint sprayed with a gun while the windows were out for a very professional finish
New plumbing for the sink with a 12-gallon water tank that is also original to the trailer that has been cleaned with new fittings and reinstalled
New door handle with key
New wood screen door that looks like the one that would have came with the trailer
currently registered in California on a permanent trailer plate that is the original Black plate.
About half the glass has been replaced and what wasn’t replaced looks like new
Side marker lights are glass originals that work great.
Trailer hasn’t been smoked in since restoration nor has it been camped in.

Now the bad:
The trailer has a few small dings in some of the original Aluminum paneling because of its age but it is nothing that should be replaced if you actually intend on using this trailer. It should also be mentioned that the wedding cake taillights are in pretty good shape and work great but the lenses could use a polishing or replacing. That is it for the bad

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