Gas Appliances

Most vintage trailers will only have a stove/oven combination. When connected properly, turn on the gas and light with a match. You should always have good ventilation when using these appliances as they will burn up your oxygen.
The gas line comes into the trailer from the floor and is routed up to the appliance where it attaches with a 3/8" connection. If you are working with the copper gas line, it's very important that you don't kink it. You'll never get it straight again.
This is a typical propane tank and regulator found on vintage trailers. Most propane stations won't refill a tank like this. You'll be required to trade the tank in for new one. New tanks can be used with the old regulator and this regulator is probably still good. The regulator drops the preasure coming from the tank to a useable preasure for the appliances. Without the regulator, you'll break the appliance.
Your old regulator will require that you use a wrench to connect it to the tank. The threads are reversed which means you turn the connection clockwise to undo it. RV supply stores sell a new style adaptor that will screw into your old regulator. The new style connects to the tank by hand making it much easier to use.

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