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Why Rent from a Private Owner
Why Rent from a Private Owner

Most corporate rental fleets are not maintained very well. The owners of these motor homes rarely, if ever use them. A private owner cares about his/her motor home. They use it themselves.
Private owners usually include many of the necessities that corporate fleets will charge for. Folding chairs, on board dvd's, towels, blankets, and anything else they can think of to make a profit.
I personally use this motor home on a regular basis. I love traveling in it and I want to keep it clean and maintained. I'm planning a 3 month trip next winter to sunny California.
If something breaks, I'll know about it and it'll be fixed immediately.
You can call me directly for help 24 hours a day.
Gee, how do you turn the water heater on again... call me and you'll have your answer.
Renting from a private owner means service NOW. Not when we get around to it. I have a road side service plan on my motorhome and if anything goes wrong, a technician will be dispatched and you'll be back on the road in no time.
I pick and choose who rents my motorhome, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone not meeting my demands.
I have allot of money and time invested in this RV. Bring it back in one piece with out damage and you'll get your entire deposit back.
I'll give you a complete tutorial on how to use the motorhome including a road / driving test. You'll feel safe and I'll rest assured that you know what your'e doing.

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