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Who We Are
Who We Are

Vintage travel trailers

are works of art. They are things of beauty to be admired. We love bringing them back to life because it's a reminder of a time when America was strong, honest and a symbol of freedom. Just being in the presence of one of these beauties gives us a sense of awe and humility. Every nail or screw that is removed was once installed by someone who actually lived in this era. Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry were playing on the radio. General Motors built cars that lasted, Americans had money and respect from the world. When Joe down at the Cardinal factory put in a screw on the drip railing for a 13' Deluxe, he had a Lucky Strike hanging out of his mouth and a skip in his stride because he had hope of a better life. We bring back that hope every time we bring back to life "Joe's work"
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