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Urgent Prayer Bulletin

Please continue to pray for the economy.
1. Repent for any personal greed. Ask God to show you any personal connection that you have with mammon.

2. Repent for the economic sins of your nation. Ask God to forgive the greed, avarice, participation in mammon, etc., that has taken place in your nation's economic system.

3. Repent for any excessive participation in debt and the use of credit. Ask God to give a strategy both to you, personally, and to your country to heal your economies.

4. Repent for a lack of love for the poor. Ask God to forgive any way in which you and your nation have not addressed the needs of the poor, either in the work force or through racism.

5. Cry out to God for mercy for your nation. Plead with Him according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and tell the Lord that you will turn from your wicked ways.

6. Pray for wisdom for the leaders of your nation on how to deal with the current financial crisis.

7. Ask God to stabilize the nation's economy, putting the lid back on the box as shown in the dream given.

8. Begin to intercede and ask God to establish righteousness in the stock exchange, expose corruption and bring to justice those who have sinned against God and the nation. Ask God to heal the economy.

9. Pray that God will raise up an economy based upon biblical principles.

10. Intercede that a great revival will break out in the marketplace as a result of the shaking. Pray that God will begin to give wisdom in the midst of the shaking to shift the wealth of nations in to the hands of the righteous.

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